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I grew up in Florida until the age of 18. I then moved to Texas to marry my now husband of 9 years. After our nephew moved in with us a few years ago I started desperately searching to find a career that would feed my soul while also allowing me as much free time with my family as possible. Making memories with my family is the most important thing to me. That is when I decided to take the scary yet exciting plunge to take my art public and I created Mads Murals.

Creating incredible art pieces for your home or business for everyone to enjoy brings me so much satisfaction. It also allows me the privilege of creating a schedule for myself that lets me spend more free time with my family that I adore! Thank you so much supporting my small business and helping me make my dreams a reality. I hope you like what you see and stay coming back to check in on the progress of where this artsy brain of mine takes me!
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